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We are passionate about helping Real Estate Investors grow their businesses by providing them with top notch design and project management services.

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We seek always to work to God's glory

We strive to exceed our clients expectations through effective communication and strategic execution 

We are team players and inspire others by example

We conduct ourselves with enthusiasm, professionalism and humility

We are problem solvers

Christine has exquisite taste in furnishings and design, making a home comfortable, attractive, tasteful as well as imminently functional.”
— Kathryn T.

Christine Heartsill

Founder, Principle Designer


Christine Heartsill is a leading interior designer based in Houston with over 20 years of design experience in creating beautiful, warm and polished environments. She designs her clients’ dream homes through her keen eye for detail, exquisite use of furnishings and accessories, and creative command of both traditional and modern styles. It’s no wonder her premium design services are in such high demand by discerning individuals looking for elegant and sophisticated homes and offices that reflect who they truly are.

Today, Christine works closely with leading real estate investors to increase the value of their properties through her superior design & decor services. With an extensive background in both design and construction, Christine uses her outside-the-box creativity to find solutions to even the most challenging situations. She’s able to effectively transform even the most drab properties into stunning, highly desirable and one-of-a-kind homes and offices that that quickly sell for top dollar in today’s competitive real estate market.  

Why do more leading real estate investors hire Christine to enhance their properties so they stand out from the competition?  The key to Christine’s success is her deep knowledge of the real estate market, unsurpassed design and construction talent, and keen understanding of exactly what your potential buyers are looking for.  Whatever the condition of your property, Christine will know how to transform it into a beautiful and inviting environment that fits your prospects’ exact needs.   

As an interior designer, I know what homeowners want. I have spent 20 years working with
homeowners on their kitchens, bathrooms and whole house remodels…I know how to design a
property so that it appeals to discerning buyers.

As an investor, I know how important that bottom line is. We filter your project through a real estate
investors lens and guide your rehab in such a way as to maintain that fine balance between making
a property shine above the rest and making sure you have money in your pocket at closing!
Let REI Design Solutions save you time so you can spend it getting your next deal!
— Christine Heartsill, Designer/Investor

Whether you’re looking to simply spruce up your property or need major remodeling, Christine possesses a rare flair for creating exquisite interiors that encompass both beauty and functionality.  She helps you attract more interested buyers, close more deals and increase your bottom line. Call today!