We can help take the mundane, time consuming tasks that keep you from scaling your REI business off your plate. As a business owner, you need to focus on strategically growing, which can be hard when you have a growing to-do list. Click on any of our services to learn more or schedule your complimentary 30 minute phone consultation to learn how we can help you focus on what matters.



Unsure which of our expert services will best meet your specific needs? Let’s talk! We’re on a mission to help you sell your property at top dollar in today’s competitive real estate market, and work tirelessly to make that happen! The best way to determine the most effective course of action is to schedule a comprehensive consultation. We’ll work together to discuss your objectives, evaluate the overall condition of your property, learn who your ideal buyers are, and carefully listen to your business objectives. Next, we’ll will come up with a basic design concept, and provide you with a design estimate to make that concept a reality. Yes, it really is that easy!



Finding the right finishes for your rehabs takes time, energy, and money. Don’t spend your valuable time searching high and low for the perfect items; let us do it for you! With our years of experience in design, we have what it takes to pull each room together perfectly for a quick sell, all while keeping you sane and saving you time.

Most real estate investors overlook how something as simple as selecting the right fixtures and finishes can transform a distressed property into a desirable environment at minimal cost. With over 20 years of design and construction experience, we select trending, desirable fixtures and finishes on the market to increase the value and appeal of your property to potential buyers, leading to more closed deals. We provide custom packages tailored to fit your property or we have several online finish packages to choose from.



One of the best ways to ensure your property sells fast is to have a  floor plan and cohesive layout. We make that happen, taking into account traffic flow, furniture layout, and buyers needs. Don’t let your property sit on the market for months, chipping away at your profits; let us help you sell it fast!

Having an efficient, appealing floor plan is crucial when trying to appeal to home buyers, Whether your property is large or small, we’re able to figure out not only what your buyers want to see, but also how to make it a reality as easily and painlessly as possible. We create space where there was none, bringing a sense of flow and ease to the environment. What does that mean for you? Increased value of your property by showing larger and more flexible rooms with many design options for potential buyers all while sticking to your budget.



Everyone knows that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. Let REI Design Solutions help you create a kitchen layout that will be a sure sell!  We also carry our own signature line of ready-made cabinetry. Let us design, order and install your cabinets, taking that burden off of you.

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and often what sells the house. When prospective buyers inspect your property, their first stop is typically the kitchen. Today's home buyers are discerning and if your property doesn't stand out it could sit on the market too long, causing you to lose money. Prospective buyers look for attractive and highly functional kitchens with ample countertop and storage space. We’ll help you breathe new life into an old kitchen space by pulling all the details together.



Outdated bathrooms are one of the biggest barriers to fast sales. The best way to improve the saleability of your property is to remodel the existing bathroom within. Updating the bathroom is a sure-fire way to instantly add value to your investment, attract a multitude of interested buyers, and ensure a speedy sale. We provide expert guidance on layout and design, tile design, finishes, cabinetry, plumbing, fixture selection, paint color, and much more.



It has been proven and tested that STAGING SELLS REAL ESTATE! If you are in the Houston area let REI Design Solutions stage your property. We are affordable and have a quick turnaround. Call us today for all your staging needs.

Did you know staged homes spend up to 78% less time on the market than vacant properties? We expertly transform cold and sterile vacant properties into warm environments that instantly appeal to potential buyers on both practical and emotional levels. When interested buyers visit your property, they’ll instantly find themselves in an inviting and lived-in space that’s beautifully decorated. We personally select the most stunning furnishings and accessories, which allow your property to radiate personality and possibility to your prospects.



With over 10 years in remodeling general contracting experience, our construction services help investors get their rehab done by a trusted company that specializes in creating houses that sell fast! When we manage your project, you can focus on getting that next deal. Don't put your business on pause while trying to keep your rehabs moving along. We can help!

The work day of a Real Estate investor is packed full. You don't have time to pick out all your fixtures and materials, order them from suppliers, run to your job sites, run your subcontractors and the myriad of tasks to ensure project specifications and completion. Let REI Design Solutions do that for you. REI Design Solutions and their experienced crews will work dilagently to increase the potential for a successful project completion. Our full-service remodeling consists of pre-construction (design and finish selections to post construction tasks (staging), and our expertise encompasses a job in its entirety.