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everyone should be surrounded by beauty

which is why we love helping our clients create their

Dream Homes!

DSC_8494.jpg surrounded by beauty

We believe that when people are surrounded by beautiful things, there is a sublime transformation that takes place in their soul.

Do you struggle with any one of these issues?

✓ You want to make changes to your home design but don’t know where to start?

✓ You aren’t sure what improvements to make on your current home design, flips or new builds?

✓ You don't have the time or experience to give your interiors a cohesive look?

Then you need our professional interior design and staging services…we can help!

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Interior Design & Staging Services

We Help Take the Guesswork Out making interiors look amazing!

If you’re a homeowner who longs to make a change in your home so that you have beautiful spaces to be surrounded by or if you’re a real estate investor or a builder who needs to make your property stand out from the competition, our interior design and staging services can help you!

Interior Design for your mind

What does that mean, Interior Design for your mind?

Well, here at Heartsill Design Group we believe that when people are surrounded by beautiful things, there is a sublime transformation that takes place in their soul.

As humans, we love new, fresh, bright and beautiful things! There is something about being surround by beauty that has a healing, calming and even energizing effect. So when you decide you are ready to transform that space you’ve always wanted to redo, be prepared to have something wonderful happen in your spirit once it’s completed! You will want to be in that room ALL. THE. TIME.

When pictures of beautiful spaces catch your eye in a magazine, or when you walk into a gorgeous room with lovely finishes and furnishings, what is it about the "designer" look that catches the eye and leaves an indelible impression on you?


It's the same reason an artist’s painting makes an impact on the onlooker, or why encountering a breathtaking natural setting takes your breath away.

It's art.

It's beauty.

And people want to be surrounded by beauty.

They can't help it. It was implanted in them at creation by their Creator.

So let us help you.... surrounded by beauty.

CLient Testimonials

Mark Maniha has grown and scaled his flipping and new-build business with the help of REI Design Solutions Design Services and Custom Finish Packages! Get yours today! Click the button below to order yours today and get your flip sold FAST!

Rachel Allen provides insights on why she love REI Design Solutions Design and Staging Services and Finish Packages and how they have helped her flipping business! Get yours today! Click the link below to order yours today and get your flip sold FAST!

Kate Weatherford loves REI Design Solutions Staging Services and Finish Packages. Watch to find out why! Get yours today! Click the link below to order yours today and get your flip sold FAST!

My wife and I were doing a remodel of our master bathroom, which involved completely remodeling to the walls and starting over. Initially, we and the contractor came up with a plan for the bathroom, but it seemed like something was missing. The contractor suggested we bring in Christine for advice. She made changes to the design that immediately made it better. It was that little something we couldn’t see to do. She then helped us design and pick out the cabinets, along with all the other finishes.We are very happy with how the bathroom turned out!”
— Mark G. Houston TX
Christine has exquisite taste in furnishings and design, making a home comfortable, attractive, tasteful as well as imminently functional.
— Kathryn T.
Christine has an outstanding vision for spatial design, color correlation, home furnishings, and textiles as well as a vast knowledge of construction fundamentals to consult clients regarding all aspects of Design, décor, and Remodeling. She demonstrated attention to detail and design and construction acumen by successfully designing new and improved floor plans and then and renovating them to our client’s satisfaction.
— Ron B.- City Home Improvement, Portland OR
We used Christine on our project at 2903 Gillespie St. We needed a fresh contemporary look and she did a great job! Definitely will be seeking her talents for our next project. Way to go, Christine!
— Jon Jones
From start to finish, Christine was amazing. She was quick to respond to my inquiry. After our initial meeting, she sent a detailed invoice making the selection process very easy. She had my home looking fabulous in no time! I love that the items she purchased for me are not things I will find in a big name store. She shopped all sorts of different places to make my home unique. She was sensitive to the things that were important to me, and she hit the nail on the head as far as my vision. I highly recommend Christine will be booking again soon to do other rooms in my home.
— Kelley P. Houston TX
Christine is extremely talented and has such a wonderful understanding of what Investors need when flipping houses.
— Stephanie Betters
Samples of our Work

See examples of our interior designs, finishes, and staging that have helped our clients

….be surrounded by beauty!


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