Hurricane Harvey really did a number on our great city of Houston.  Real Estate investors, if you were hit hard and need to restore and rebuild your portfolio and flip properties to get them ready for new tenants or people who need to purchase a home, you do not have to tackle it alone!

The work day of a Real Estate investor is already packed full. You don't have time to pick out all your fixtures and materials, order them from suppliers, run to your job sites, answer your contractor's myriad of questions or track the project to ensure compliance to specifications. Let REI Design Solutions do that for you. REI Design Solutions and their agents will work you to increase the potential for a successful project completion - on time and within budget. Our oversight services range from pre-construction to post construction tasks, and our expertise encompasses a job in its entirety.

If you'd like to know more about how I can help with damage assessment, contractor oversight, materials selecting, estimating, and ordering etc. Please call Christine at 713-484-9210 or Click the ORDER NOW button for more info.

(I only have 20 property slots left so please contact me as soon as possible!)