Southern House Buyers- Briarhills

This gorgeous property was acquired by one of our favorite clients, Rachel at Southern House Buyers in early 2018. We provided Finish Selections, Kitchen Design and Cabinetry, Project Oversight and Staging

When she got this property under contract, it did not look like this…in fact, it had been flooded during hurricane Harvey by the reservoir release and because it sits in a neighborhood at the mouth of said reservoir, with the bayou in it’s back yard, it took on several feet of water!

Rachel and I met at the site of another investor client and she mentioned in passing that she would need REI Design Solutions help with her flip as well. I happily agreed to meet her for a walk-thru and see if we could work some of our magic and help her get it sold. (See the before pictures below.)

One of the first things the investor had to do with this property was to fix the foundation issues and remediate the mold. Once those tasks were tackled we went to work transforming this property from an ugly duckling with an oddly spaced layout, dull boring finishes and stud bare walls to a flowing, gorgeous and inviting home. We helped Southern House Buyers with all the finish selections so that this property had more character and stood out against all the other competition to hit the market at about the same time. We also designed the kitchen in a way that would draw potential buyers to this home with an efficient working triangle and gorgeous cabinets and countertops (also supplied by REI Design Solutions)

It turned out so lovely that it was only on the market for 7 days before an offer was made and accepted!!

We were concerned about scope creep, cost increases and extended construction time frames that when all was said and done, we wondered, would this investor make any money on the project? But because of the finishes and design coupled with quality construction, they were able to list this property for $30,000 more than originally determined AND it sold for close to asking price so this investor made around $40,000 profit on this project. We are so happy for them and thankful for the opportunity to be a part of their success!

Also, if you were wondering how your next flip can look this amazing, I gave away some of my trade secrets on THIS BLOG POST!