Problem Solving and Designing on the Fly! One Room Challenge Week 2


Here we are!

Week TWO of the Better Homes and Gardens sponsored, One Room Challenge!

If you caught our “kick-off” blog post last week about the ORC, you know that we are using the master bathroom renovation from our recent fixer-upper project we are doing for a lovely couple, anxious to make it their forever home. If you didn’t catch that post you can find it HERE! And click here to see the YouTube video we did of the "before” walk-thru.

The purpose of the ORC is to encourage designers to complete a room in 6 weeks and share it with the world! It is not a contest but the reward of finishing a space and cheering on our fellow designers to do the same is so worth it. There are some fabulous rooms in the works this Fall and I can’t wait to see what some of my designer friends come up with.

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Last week I shared with you a thumbnail of just a few of the finishes going into this project. Now you get a sneak peek of the “bigger picture”. Check it out!

Shadowhollow Design.JPG

And next week, I will show you what I have in mind to stage the space for the BIG REVEAL! Giddy. With. Excitement.

Designing on the Fly

Though I usually have 97% of the details laid out prior to the commencement of the remodeling phase of our projects, once we get started on demo I sometimes see things that needs to change and make a design decision on the fly. Sometimes things just become more clear when demo happens and the spaces are cleared of their original finishes. In this case I didn’t like how the window was inset into the wall over the tub, the opening was too large and didn’t look right.

My plan is to install a gorgeous mosaic tile all the way up to the ceiling on that wall and in order make it look fabulous, the window opening needed to be framed to the exact size of the window. Here I am explaining that to my project manager.


Once we get that taken care of then the tile install will go much smoother!

Solving Problems

flipping switch.jpeg

Another thing we do at REI Design Solutions is we SOLVE PROBLEMS! When we first set up shop and started on the demo, it was really hot in the house. (and in Houston, working in a house with no A/C is NO JOKE!) Even though we installed a new thermostat and the fan seemed to be running, there was no cool air blowing. So we took a trip out to the electric panel and sure enough we discovered that the A/C breaker had tripped! Problem solved!

AND THEN…while I was there, one of the demo crew accidentally knocked the water shut of valve handle off of the sink supply line and water went spraying up to the ceiling! It was funny but also frustrating because the water shut off to the house was buried in the mud so it took them forever to turn it off!!! We finally found it, turned it off and got the water soaked up before any damage could occur. Whew! Check out this silly video of me staving off the water until they could get it turned off.

Those are just some of the things we tackle as a Design/Remodel firm. We love it though because the transformation that takes place in the home isn’t the only thing that is transformed, we also transform lives.

One house at a time.

We will be back next week with yet another update so come back and join the fun! In the meantime… surrounded by beauty