Does my passion relieve your pain?


How often have you heard "do what you're passionate about" as if somehow that is the one and only key to success?

Passion is all well and good but the real question one must ask when operating a business, working a W2 job or any other money-making endeavor is "is what I am doing helping someone and relieving a pain point in their life?"


I am reading a really good book right now entitled The Road Less Stupid by Keith J. Cunningham. So many nuggets of good business advice, I am actually almost overwhelmed!

One thing that really hit me was in the chapter he called Mommas Love Their Babies. Cunningham states "Entrepreneurs are the mothers of their ideas and products. They tend to love their idea and become obsessed with the product. Inevitably the entrepreneur will speak about this new project or idea in terms of being “my passion.” This creates two related problems. First, the market does not care how much you love your idea or how passionate you are about it. Your customers do not spend money on your product just because it happens to be your life’s purpose. Customers want to get out of pain, avoid a pain, or create a gain, and either you can do that “better” or more efficiently than the competition or you can’t.”

The reason why this resonated with me is that I think I have moved beyond being in "love" with my calling or passion (helping turn properties into buyers dream homes and be surrounded by beautiful spaces through interior design) to a place where I have sought to use my skills to help alleviate another's pain! I can say without a doubt, that is one thing I am actually doing right in my business!!

Let me explain: If I was so concerned with just following my passion of creating beautiful spaces for people, I would NOT be targeting real estate investors. Just an example of what I mean...the photos below are the result of a homeowner who wanted to "be surrounded by beauty" so we provided the design needed to bring her dream home to life! And we nailed it!


Now, don't get me wrong I love my investor clients but ya'll are a pain in the rear when it comes to convincing you that you need my help!! Perhaps you don't really know HOW my services help you and alleviate several points of friction in your business…

….especially when it comes to how I can help you make more money and save more time!

So I thought I would take a moment to break it down.

Here are the 5 areas where REI Design Solutions helps real estate investors and real estate agents sell their listings!

  1. Property Consultation- we can perform a simple walk-thru with you at your property. Whether you're an

  2. Space Planning- if you are an investor and you need to rehab a property that has a crazy floor plan or dated layout, we can give your property a fresh, updated look with our professional floor plans and design layouts

  3. Finishes- most properties will need to pull the old and install new finishes and fixtures. Don't resort to the same old finishes you've been putting in your properties for the last 5 years. Trends change too fast and buyers are waaaayyyy too DESIGN SAVVY! Don't make the mistake of putting in cheap ugly finishes. We witness far too many investors losing money because of this very simple design mistake. We will save you time and help you make more money on your flips by selecting your finishes and providing you with an easy to use document to order everything in one sitting!

  4. Construction- REI Design Solutions is now offering construction services to our investor and homeowner clients. Agents, if you have a homeowner who is willing to invest some money into their property to sell it for a higher price, please contact us, we can help!

  5. Staging- lastly, everyone knows that staging sells! Don't list your property without giving it a warm, inviting, lived-in look to attract buyers on an emotional level.

Well, does my passion (helping turn properties into buyers dream homes and helping people be surrounded by beauty) happen to solve any of your pain points in your business? I hope so! But if not, please call or email and let us know what your needs are. Even if I can't help solve them, I likely know someone who can!

To your success!!