Can an Interior Designer REALLY impact the value of my home?!


I didn't recognize the number but answered the phone anyway despite the frequent junk calls I receive.

Her voice sounded strained and a little nervous as she introduced herself.

Image: iStock

Image: iStock

I listened intently as she described her situation...

Vacant house, needs updating, want to sell, bad memories, divorce, hired contractor, fired contractor, bully like my ex, need help picking out finishes so can get it on the market, move on with life.

Wow! That was a lot of info Ms. Homeowner!!

But fear not, we can TOTALLY help you and don't you worry about a thing, we've got you covered, we know design AND real estate so you're in good hands.

Christine Heartsill, Owner | Principal Designer REI Design Solutions

Christine Heartsill, Owner | Principal Designer REI Design Solutions

The design process went off without a hitch. She was excited for what we put together and agreed with our finish selections knowing that the improvements would vastly improve the sale-ability of her property.

Now for the hard part...finding someone to do the work since "my last contractor didn't finish the job and took my money and ran."

We can help with that. We do the construction too!!

"You do!?! Oh that would be wonderful"

We worked out all the details and agreed upon the price and got started on the work.

We completed the project in the time frame we said we would notwithstanding a couple of delays due to some scope changes she requested.

With punchlist finally done, it was time to stage.

Oh and by the way, we can do THAT too!!

The furniture installed, the accessories placed with an artful eye, the artwork hung with care we were ready to list! The photographer captured the ambiance of the home and now we list! day later.


Image: iStock

Image: iStock

This is such good news!! Congratulations, we are so happy for you Ms. Homeowner.

And the best part is, the buyer didn't even see the home in person!!!

They fell in love with it just by looking at the pictures!

Client Renovation and Staging: REI Design Solutions

Client Renovation and Staging: REI Design Solutions

Have you ever wondered why beautiful homes make such an impact on the prospective buyer? There is something about a home that has been updated in a deliberate and artful way that shows the buyer that you actually care. That you are happy to give them a beautiful home to live in.

Is this the fanciest house you ever laid eyes on? No. But for this particular neighborhood and market, this house was perfectly appointed for the demographic of buyer and guess what… they LOVE it!

In this particular property we didn’t have to replace the cabinets with new, we were able to paint the existing. We didn’t have to tear up the existing tile floors and spend a ton of money where it wasn’t needed. We didn’t have to rip out the countertops and replace with a fancy quartz but the areas we DID make improvements were strategic and with a discerning eye to make the most impact.

When you see pictures of beautiful spaces, lovely rooms and gorgeous finishes and furnishings, what is it about the "designer" look in a home that catches people’s eye and leave an indelible impression on them?

It's the same reason a painting make an impact on the onlooker.

It's art.

It's beauty.

And people want to be surrounded by beauty.

They can't help it.

It was implanted in them from creation by their Creator.

Let us help you.... surrounded by beauty.


PS: Here are a few more images of this property…afters and befores!

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