Who is this girl from Montana?


A day dreamer, from a small town. A mountain girl who loved hiking and camping. I loved growing up in Montana and yet there was something in me that longed for the big city life too.

From the time I was a little girl, I would watch my dad at his drafting board. Designing our homes. And mom always made the interiors look fabulous. As a young dreamy girl, knew I wanted to follow in my dad’s architectural and mom’s decorating footsteps.

In my early 20s I just knew I had to find a way to learn all about interior design and move to the big city. But how was this mountain girl, single mother of 2 two sweet little boys, going to do that from my small Montana town?

Then one day my local tech college opened up an interior design program!

I knew I had found my passion.

I graduated with honors while working as a kitchen designer at a local cabinet shop. After graduation I got my big break working as a kitchen designer in Portland, Oregon. I spent the next ten + years as a remodeling general contractor.

I was at the height of my career, designing and managing my own projects and remodeling crews for homeowners. I was loving life!

And then…

…a tall, handsome man from Texas swept me off my feet and brought this Montana girl down to Houston. Judd is his name.


Soon after we were married, we had our daughter, Lydia. We call her Sis. (Lydia holding her nephew, our grandson, Elden)


I put my career on hold, to focus on my family.

Even during our courtship, I had warned my husband that we were moving back to the mountains someday. He always said, “ok babe, whatever makes you happy.”

And then…

…the summer of 2015 we took our first family vacation to Yellowstone.

During that trip, Judd saw what I had been longing for ever since I moved to Texas...the fresh mountain air, the gorgeous vistas. Ahhhhhh.


He looked me that morning on the front porch of our little cabin in the woods over a hot cup of coffee and said… “how are we going to achieve the financial freedom to have this *Mountain View* experience every day?”

I said well….remember I told you about flipping houses?

When we got back to Houston, we dove in deep.

We took all the real estate investing courses we could get our hands on, followed all the coaches, did the direct mail campaigns and TOOK ACTION! Everything you do when you become a fix and flip real estate investor.

There was one big problem.

I didn’t like the marketing and buying part of flipping houses. I loved the design, creating beautiful, desirable homes that sell FAST. But I just couldn’t make myself love all the other steps of growing a flipping business.

Through this mindset struggle, I realized that real estate investors had no real professional support in the area of design.

I found that many Investors were flipping homes without a clue of what to do with the design of their flips. Their properties would sit for months at a time or worse become foreclosed on, all because of amateur design flaws that would make the house so unappealing to potential buyers. Many most definitely did not know how to create “dream homes”.

Design was such grey area in this real estate investing industry. And the gurus weren’t talking about it.

That’s when I found my calling. And the way was paved for me to pursue my passion for design and allowed me the opportunity to help others achieve their financial goals and find their WHY.

That is my WHY.

What is your WHY? Share in the comments. I would love to hear it!

To your success,