What does creating DREAM HOMES have to do with my success as an investor?


Thankfully I have never been asked that.

I think it’s because people just kind of know what our tagline…


…means for their success.

However, I didn’t want to leave it open for interpretation so on this week’s episode of WTFL, I addressed what creating “DREAM HOMES” has to do with real estate investors. and their ultimate success.

You see, when you are in business to serve people, you have to be really clear with your message of how your service to them helps them with their problems. You must communicate in very concise language how they will benefit from your service or you will never get their business.

I love my tagline but have often wondered if I make it abundantly clear what that means for my investor clients.

Just so that there is no mistake I will briefly explain the

3 reasons why it’s important that you are creating dream homes:

  1. Your bottom line depends on it.

  2. Your reputation depends on it.

  3. Your future depends on it.

To make it super simple:

If the buyers who are looking for a home in the neighborhood you are flipping in don’t view your flip as their dream home, there is no reason for them to buy it. Why would they? And as a result you lose profits (#1), you lose face in the neighborhood with the agents who are helping buyers find their “dream homes” (#2) and finally your business doesn’t grow and YOUR dreams are not fulfilled (#3).

So then the questions is, “how do I know I am creating a dream home for buyers with my flips?”

Fear not!

We’ve got you covered on that.

I will be discussing how to create a “dream home” for buyers in the up coming weeks on our Facebook Page and on our weekly LIVE talk show on FB What the FLIP Live so be sure to tune in every Wednesday at 1PM Central!

Another way we can help you create DREAM HOMES is with our online DIGITAL FINISH PACKAGES! That’s right! Designer curated finishes, packaged nicely for you in a way that makes flipping houses soooo much easier. Sign up HERE to be notified of the LAUNCH date of those sometime in APRIL 2019!!

Until then…

To your success!


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