Unlocking the One Secret to Fix and Flip Success


Imagine you were able to overcome ANY obstacle in your business. What would you do with that power!?!

Do you have ONE area in your fix and flip business that is tripping you up? Holding you back from really achieving success? 

What's the ONE Thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?

On this episode of WTFL we explored, what I believe, is YOUR one thing holding you back from success in all areas of life and especially in your flipping business. I am convinced that by managing this one area, you are going to be able to accomplish great things in your flipping business!

Having worked with many investors over the last several years and also my own personal experience in business, real estate investing and life in general, I see some patterns and have come to the conclusion that there is really only one real key to fix and flip success and that is: YOUR MIND

So let’s explore that.  Many people talk about mindset but what does that really mean? I did a cursory look at what some folks in the REI space talk about when they address mindset and found it interesting.  Most will pop off a list of things you should do to “adopt” a success mindset.  Things such as: set goals, visualize success, open yourself to advice, hustle hard, your network is your net worth, stay positive and the checklists go on. 

I would like to propose something a little different.

I think the REAL KEY to fix and flip AND LIFE success is realizing the power your mind holds and controlling it rather than letting it control you.  Our brains have such incredible creative and constructive powers that when you allow your thinking to control you, you are simply unable to tap into those powers and make a difference in your life as a result.

So let’s riff on that a minute.

I want to talk about failure.  Because failure is that one thing that is either going to make you or break you.  And let’s face it, you encounter failure daily without even realizing it. Every day you are faced with decisions and some of those decisions are a result of a previous failures and some decisions are going to result in future failures and you may not know until you make the decision and experience the outcome and so on.

If you think about it, most moments of the day have some amount of failure in them; I ate that donut when I was trying to stay away from sugar, I bought that thing I wasn’t planning to spend money, I said something rude to someone I love, I didn’t go to that event I know I should have and it goes on and on.  We do or say or think things that we knew better to in that moment. So how does this relate to your REI business?  Well, every day you are making decisions which will either lead to failure or success and it really boils down to how you view those outcomes and how you allow the power of your mind to find create solutions to subsequent outcomes.

I believe that often the way we think about one failure has a domino affect in decisions after that which lead to ultimate failure and walking away in utter despair and disappointment so today I want to take you through what’s called the MODEL to help you grow your business.  This concept was packaged by Brooke Castillo for her Coaching Program, The Life Coach School and Self Coaching Scholars and it is a concept she packaged from many sound physiological and neurolinguistic teachings. So let’s get into it.

So first let me explain what the MODEL is and then we are going to put one of the common struggles or hurdles real estate investors complain about through the MODEL and figure out how to come out on the flip side without the negative affects on our business and life.

The “MODEL” Explained

Facts ➠ simple factual circumstances- be careful not to categorize your thoughts as facts. The circumstances or facts lead to ➠

Thoughts ➠ this is what your are thinking about those circumstances, how you perceive them. The thoughts lead to ➠

Feelings ➠ this is how your preceding thoughts make you feel; anxious, angry, giddy, sad, content etc and those feelings lead to ➠

Actions ➠ all thoughts lead to feelings and feelings to actions. What you do is based largely on how you feel. And actions always lead to results ➠

Results ➠ Now trace back to your original THOUGHT and what results came from that?

Did those results serve you or hinder you? If you answered hindered, it is time to take those thoughts through the MODEL again but from a positive standpoint. Let’s use one of the below as an example

Some of the thoughts people have about real investing:

  • Can’t find deals

  • Take No money

  • Bad Contractors

  • No time

  • Difficult Title issue

Positive Model

“I know deals are out there, I just have to find them”

Facts ➠ There are real estate deals to be found ➠

Thoughts ➠ “I know deals are out there, I just have to find them”

Feelings ➠ excited, energetic, creative, hopeful ➠

Actions ➠ out beating down doors, using resources wisely, making connections, looking constantly for deals➠

Results ➠ Great deals, good relationships, money in the bank, happy!!

Negative Model

“I can’t find any good deals”

Facts ➠ There are real estate deals to be found but you have to work for them ➠

Thoughts ➠ “I can’t find any good deals”

Feelings ➠ frustrated, angry, hopeless, depressed ➠

Actions ➠ moping around, complaining to others, inaction, wasting time, ➠

Results ➠ NO DEALS!! Broke, back to 9 to 5.

So, see how that works!?!?!

Now that you have a better grasp on how your mind (not your circumstances) plays the KEY role in your success and now that you have a CLEAR mind and a tool to keep mind in a positive thought loop, how are you going to start showing up differently in the world and in your life?! 

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And as always…

To your success!!



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