You’re most likely reading this for one of approximately three reasons
1.    You’re in real estate, and you’re about to OR just started a fix and flip project
2.    You’ve heard about “fixing and flipping” and you want to ‘check it out’
3.    You’re searching for the perfect fix-and-flip property

If you aren’t one of these three personalities, you’re somewhere closely related to them or the industry, right? 


That means that you are in the right place! REI Design solutions is dedicated to helping fix-and-flip real estate investors save time, money, and grow their fix and flip projects into successful businesses and careers!

Our focus this month is on adding value to your out of date properties on a tight budget!

We encourage our newer investors who have strong handyman skills or previous construction experience to self-delegate the things they are confident with in order to save budget costs HOWEVER, we never encourage our investors to dive so deeply into the project with “DIY’s” that they stop focusing on the other aspects of their real estate business, such as networking, marketing, and putting in offers for their next flip!

Here are a few resources that will help you build a successful fix-and-flip business:

1.  Hire an experienced trustworthy project manager or general contractor

2.  Get a coach

3.  Network with seasoned investors

4.  Consult with a Designer who understands the ins and outs of flipping houses and adding value to properties!!

Plugging back into focus, YES if you successfully planted your garden and everyone one complements you about it when they come over, GO FOR IT! BUT, some things really are better left to the professionals if you are just not 100% sure

We would rather see you hire a professional to do the job instead of the professional coming and cleaning up your mess, preforming the task and sending you an extra big bill for fixing “something you could have done.”

OKAY, so a gardening catastrophe doesn’t sound THAT bad, well what about a space planning catastrophe? Certain things are better left to the professionals and space planning is, with out a doubt, one of them.

The need for space planning is so important in today’s fix-and-flip projects, great space planning makes the difference in appearance and attraction to a potential home buyer, as well as the functionality of the space- making it extremely desirable!



Space planning is a fundamental element of the interior design process.

"Space planning is an in-depth analysis of how physical space is used in structures. It considers the purpose of spaces and who will use them. Space planning is a process that takes several steps, and it's an important component for the work of interior designers and architects.

Space planning helps ensure efficient use of floor space without wasting it. If done right, it also accounts for all possible uses of a given space. When the process is completed, it can result in a comprehensive space plan." (Source: Study.Com "What is Space Planning? - Basics & Architecture")

Space planning is an intricate process, that requires the touch of an experienced professional to achieve that perfect interior layout with investor-friendly deadlines and buyer appeal.

How does professional space planning benefit you?

At REI Design solutions, our Designers take time to consider the final design for your project with much more than the end in mind. Our Designers understand that maintaining a strict budget is very important to a fix-and-flip Investor, as well as creating the most desirable space for a buyer!

We have developed a detailed process to make any home market ready! Whether a full-on rehab or enhancing the small yet meaningful details of an existing space!

Our Designer will walk your property and determine the biggest flaws and compose the easiest, most attractive solutions.

As a fix-and- flip investor, you KNOW that beautiful houses sell fast, and beautiful houses now have the ever so popular “open floor plan,” that must be done correctly! You should always consult with a professional before moving any walls in your space.