YOUR REHAB TOOLBOX: 10 Steps to a Successful Rehab


Hey there fix and flip investors!

Are you ready to get organized and be more in control of your fix and flip rehabs?

There are several steps to a successful rehab and I want to help you work through each of the steps so that you're "one step" closer to getting a handle on your rehabs in your flipping business! 

I love helping investors with this stuff because it’s so important to your bottom line and it will help you build your flipping business to take it to the next level. Which is why I have created the checklist:

REHAB TOOLBOX: 10 Steps to a Successful Rehab

I think you’re really going to love this checklist!

Hopefully you have learned by now that success in any business requires having some systems and processes in place. This checklist will serve as the backbone to your rehab process which you can add to and refine as your learn more about how you want to run your house flipping operations.  

This checklist is also to be used after the property is under contract.

If you have appropriately estimated your repair costs, this will keep you on track.  The temptation will be to blow some of these steps off thinking that someone else on your team will handle them or that you don’t really need them…don’t do it.  If you want someone else to take care of any of these steps, delegate the step(s) clearly and concisely and in writing and have them provide a deliverable that you can attach to checklist. 

Some of the things this checklist will help you gain control of is:

  • When to get a contractor, designer or architect involved.

  • How to conduct progress walk-thrus.

  • What the contract should entail with your GC.

  • When to order your finishes and create your construction schedule.

  • And MORE!

I know if you implement this in your flipping operations, things will make so much more sense and that overwhelm that tends to happen will subside and you will feel in control of your rehabs, finally! Don’t forget to download your checklist! today!

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To your success,


Christine Heartsill