Really Crappy Kitchens

Angry woman.jpg

My heart sank when I saw it. 

This kitchen.

It was pretty bad. I am not going to lie.

Rehabbed by an fix and flip investor.

I saw this kitchen on the MLS the other day while searching for unstaged properties. (We'll get into why you should be staging all of your properties above $300k ARV in another blog post)

I was mad and sad all at the same time. I wanted to yell at someone...

"WHY DIDN'T YOU CALL ME!?!?!  Why didn't you call someone who could help you before you put this monstrosity you call a kitchen together and try to turn around and sell it on the retail market as a "improved property"???? Why???"  

Investor friends. 

Please hear me out. 

Aside from the money, I know one of the reasons why some of you got into flipping houses was because it is "fun" to remake an old run down, dated, ungodly property into the darling of the neighborhood. 

And I get that.

It is fun!  

That is why I have spent 20 years of my life and career doing just that.

Some of you have a bit of vision and can actually make that happen in a respectable way.  But many of you can't and don't.  Some of you know it but insist on doing it anyway...rehabbing homes "your" way because a designer is "too expensive". 

And these properties sell. 


And sometimes investors hold on to them too long and wonder why because they just don't know they are failing at one crucial aspect of rehabbing houses. 


I am just going to be really frank with you all. I think a lot of fix and flip investors think that design is something anyone can do.  Especially kitchen design. It seems that many of them don't even consider that real humans are going to be buying their properties because they are not designed with real life in mind. 

And don't get me started on using the same stinking finishes house after house after house. (I will get into that next month when we talk about finishes but I digress.)

Many investors care ONLY for their bottom line and as a result put out pure crap for rehabs and you know what....they are on to you! 

The buyers. 

They aren't stupid. Have you ever wondered why inspections and subsequent repair requests during the option period are over the top? It's because the investor didn't care enough to do the right thing and rehab the property correctly to begin with. So buyers are suspect going into the transaction if they know it was an investment property. 

The first sign that it's crap? 

Bad design. 

An article in Elle Deco a couple years ago was warning their readers about purchasing flip properties.  

"But jumping on the house flipping bandwagon is not necessarily a good thing.

Enter the crappy flip.

Perhaps it's because the flippers didn't know what they were doing. Or maybe they just didn't care.

Flipper aren't designers Ok, so this one isn't a universal rule, but it's a good one to remember: the vast majority of flippers are not designers. If you're lucky enough to find a flip that HAS been rehabbed by a designer, you've got yourself a unicorn. You win."

That is why I am writing this and why I am being kind of harsh. 

I want to shake the tree. 

It's time to really educate people that design is not something just anyone can do and should not be assumed that you know what it takes to put out a well designed product because at the end of the day,

you are selling a product and if want to be known for crappy rehabs, that is your choice.

However, I am here to tell you that it takes education, training, and years of learning from experience and even from mistakes if you want to design and rehab and do it well.

I have designed hundreds of kitchens and bathrooms and moved my fair share of walls to know what works and what doesn't.  I have enough real estate investing knowledge and experience up my sleeve to know where you can save money and where you should spend money to get the property sold. 

My motto is "don't buy any cabinets or move any walls until you've called me!"

I am serious.  

So serious about real estate investors putting out quality product that I am offering FREE design consultation, phone call or email, to anyone who wants to be sure they are doing the right thing with their next flip property! 

Send me pictures, drawings, call me, whatever!  Let's chat because I want your REI business to be a success!

To your success,


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