Why More Real Estate Investors Rely on Our Expert Design Services to Sell Their Properties Fast!

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In today’s competitive real estate market, if your property doesn’t stand out from the competition, it can linger on the market for months, even years. You can't afford that! 

REI Design Solutions can help you grow your real estate investing business by helping you grow your profits!!

With over 20 years experience in design and construction, our expert design services will transform your property into every potential buyer's dream home! Are you ready to maximize your profits?

Are you ready to make your property stand out above the rest?


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Here’s how Our Design Services Lead to Faster Closings and Higher Profits:



Think of us as your partners in success. As a Real Estate Investor, your main objective is to buy properties. That is where you need ... (read more)


Increased bottom line

The longer your property sits on the market, the more money it costs you. Your struggle is that you simply lack the necessary time, skills... (read more)

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Higher property values

Enhancing your property through our premium design services will not only validate your asking price, but even boost the overall value of your...(read more)

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Let’s face it, looks really ARE everything. Our incredible design services greatly enhance the appearance and desirability ... (read more)

REI Design Solutions checked on the job, took pictures, at put it all on Podio so I could watch the project virtually from my phone and know it was going to be done right. And they staged it too and I sold it in 2 weeks!
— Colby A, Houston Investor
Christine Heartsill is part of my team. From space planning to picking out finishes and materials, then staging it to sell fast, I could not operate without her!! She is extremely organized and puts all finishes and progress on an App so you can access and keep up with your project at anytime. If you don’t use her, your losing money! And time.
— Kate W., Houston Investor
Christine is extremely talented and has such a wonderful understanding of what Investors need when flipping houses.
— Stephanie B, Real Estate Investor

You know you need to scale your Real Estate Investing business and step away from doing many of the time consuming tasks yourself.  If you want to be more "hands-off" we can help!  Click on any of our services to learn more or call us today for a free 30 minute phone consultation.

Let REI Design Solutions help you create a kitchen layout that will be a sure sell! Investors know that kitchens and bathrooms sell houses. So be sure to have us design your kitchen or bathroom today.  Don't order any cabinets until you call us!

One of the best ways to ensure your property will sit on the market for months and months, eating into your profit with holding costs is to have a poor floor plan and incohesive layout. Don’t move any walls until you call us!

It has been proven and tested that STAGING SELLS REAL ESTATE! If you are in the Houston area let REI Design Solutions stage your property. We are affordable and have a quick turnaround. Call us today for all your staging needs.

Our project oversight services help investors eliminate many of the interminable rehab tasks that keep you from getting that next deal. Don't put your business on pause while trying to keep your rehabs moving along. We can help!

It takes experience to understand market trends and time to shop for the perfect combination of finishes for your rehabs…finishes that will make your property sell fast on the retail market. Don’t spend your valuable time on that task, let us do it for you.

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